Weekly Likes

Here is a short list of stories, articles, recipes, images, and comics I particularly enjoyed this week and hope you will, too. I know it’s been a bad week, full of betrayal and destruction, and I am not glossing over that, but I also can’t fixate on it 24/7 or I’ll never get out of bed again.

First, here is “Let All the Children Boogie” a story by Sam J. Miller, author of the recently published The Blade Between which is on my tbr list so, I admit, I came to the story expecting to enjoy it. “Let all the Children Boogie” is dark and sad and beautiful. Two misfit teens bonding over music and their mutual need to discover the source of a mysterious voice on the radio. Beautiful. I loved it.

And here’s the song, if you’re not familiar with it.

Next, an article about the best books on food from 2020 from the folx at Smithsonian Magazine. Some of the books are cookbooks, but the recipes are placed in the context of a greater story.

I’ve made this King Arthur Baking tea brack recipe before and it is fabulous. If you think you don’t like fruitcake, this cake may convert you.

Claudia Bueno crafts immersive wonders using light, sculpture, and sound. Her latest exhibit, Pulse, will be on display at Meow Wolf Las Vegas sometime in 2021. Comprised of a multitude of meticulously intertwined white line drawings superimposed on 60 glass panels, the illustrations seems to sway and throb in glowing masses when illuminated. Her work is stunning and I would love to see it in person.

Although it feels we’re well into the new year at this point, here are blessings from Gemma Correll.