Weekly Likes

Here I am cross-legged on the couch this rainy Saturday morning, trying to remember what it was I liked this about this week. I’m also a little grumpy about last week’s wrap-up post, because I just gave you a link dump with no whys or wherefores. But then, you know, insurrectionists invaded the Capitol last Wednesday and that overshadowed all goodness and beauty. Probably shouldn’t have written a post at all, hey? Maybe I’ll go back and edit it.

While it feels as if I spent my time outside of work this week reading FBI statements of fact, experiencing such a profound feeling of grief that I needed to medicate, and generally being increasingly irritated by everything, I know there were moments I laughed or found beauty.

And let’s focus on those.

Shall I start with the telescopefish? I think so, yes. While they look like nightmare muppets, telescopefish are small and harmless to humans. They swim vertically and use their bulging eyes to look up to see the silhouettes of their prey. Their flexible jaws and expandable stomachs mean they can eat very large prey, but no, still not you. There’s an infuriating lack of information about telescopefish on the internet, so if anyone else knows more, please leave a comment.

And now some art! Ruby Silvious repurposes the thin paper pouches that make up most teabags into miniature works of art. Her quiet richly-detailed paintings depict slices of everyday life and beauty, like cats at light-dappled window or a holiday shopping scene. While her use of teabags as canvas began in 2015, she uses many other surfaces, too, such as paint chips, eggshells, etc. I follow Ruby on Instagram and recommend you do, too.

And, lastly, here’s a raccoon in a little coat.