Weekly Likes

A few things that made me happy this week! Of course, I’m going to start with the fluffy not-rabbit because adorable not-rabbits don’t wait in line.

Credit: S. Otarola/ESO

Three species of mountain viscachas live in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. They are about the same size as rabbits and, like rabbits, have soft fur, long furry ears, stubby front legs, and powerful back legs. However, as rabbit-like as they appear, viscachas are not related to rabbits. They are members of the family Chinchillidae in the order Rodentia, a family that also consists of chinchillas. Their similarity to rabbits is due to convergent evolution, which I’ll let you google. Regardless of who they are related to viscachas are adorable.

If you like learning new things, but don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for online classes and talks, I find Gather is a very good events aggregator. Gather shares events from its own large provider network — mostly universities, museums, and fine arts organizations — saving you from wading through a lot of weird/suspicious stuff a la Facebook or Eventbrite. Yes, this means there’s probably a slant to the type of programming offered, but considering Facebook is all Nazis and madness these days, I am fine with that.

And now some art! There’s always art. Art makes a brain happy.

I follow Hillary Waters Fayle on Instagram and so should you. She combines textile and printmaking methods with dried plant matter to create the most extraordinary embroideries and cyanotypes. Some of her work is in the permanent collections of the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY, and I will happily make that drive whenever COVID allows.