Defekt by Nino Cipri

Jacket art for Defekt by Nino CipriTitle: Defekt
Author(s): Nino Cipri
Genre(s): Science Fiction / Queer / Novella
Format: Print
Rating: Thought it was very good. Would be interested in reading more by the author.
3 Things I Liked About This Book: Dark humor, anthropomorphic furniture, Derek(s)
3 Words I Would Use to Describe This Book: Weird, atmospheric, heartwarming

Defekt follows Derek, a loyal employee at a flat pack furniture megachain store, who has been working hard to be his best, follow the employee manual, and give 100%. And then Derek takes a sick day and finds himself the object of HR’s attention. To prove his loyalty, Derek is seconded to a special inventory team, where he faces completely improbable dangers and unexpected self-discovery.

Defekt is the darkly hilarious queer anti-capitalist found family story I didn’t know I needed. That this all takes place in a not-Ikea full of anthropomorphic furnishings and multi-dimensional portals is just the icing on the cake. I loved the excerpts from the employee manual and emails between HR and management as they establish the tone of the book and tell you everything you need to know about not-Ikea and the inventory team’s motivations. I am glad Derek found himself and I hope there will be more Derek adventures.

This is the second novella in Nino Cipri’s LitenVerse series, but can be read on its own.